For Businesses


Advice and guidance for teams struggling with testing challenges. From specific issues such as automation and tooling to over arching guidance on challenges relating to strategy, approach or team development. Also see below Accessibility section.

Autistic Inclusion Support

Passionate about improving understanding of Autistic people and how we can make the world a more inclusive place. This includes advice on ensuring accessibility approaches include due consideration for the user experience of Autistic individuals, guidance and support for teams employing or wishing to employ Autistic individuals. Understanding the culture and environment that can make the difference between enabling Autistic people to spread their wings and thrive or leaving barriers that leave them struggling unnecessarily.


A strong believer in the value of engagement, coaching and support over instruction to enable teams to fulfill their potential. Working with the teams in day to day activities to facilitate them in identifying their own path of self improvement.


Delivering bespoke training adapted to your specific needs. Ensuring training is appropriate to the existing skills and strengths of the team and business domain.

Hands on Testing

When you need resource on the ground to support the delivery of testing services. Catering for any combination of specific projects, workload challenges, tooling adoption or any other testing resource demands.

For Individuals

I am more than happy to provide advice and support to members of the testing community on any test related topics. Progressing and moving your career forward is entirely in the hands of yourself but I will certainly mentor and/or coach anyone looking for support to understand how they can help themselves.
I also offer support to Autistic individuals looking at or struggling with getting employment in the IT industry (particularly development and testing). From offering a shoulder to lean on to more specific support and coaching.
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