'Just' Admin?

Admin Tackled Blog Nov 21, 2021

How many times have you heard yourself referred to as 'just admin?'. Maybe you've been guilty of this yourself, referring to yourself as 'just the admin person'. Let me tell you from first hand experience - there is no such thing as 'just' admin. Without the admin workers, many other cogs in the industrial machine would grind to a halt. Admin workers are resourceful. They possess initiative and often have a forward thinking, problem solving attitude. Gone are the days where an admin post was 'just a bit of typing'. It's time it was recognised as a career in its own right.

I have held various administrative roles in my working life. Starting off in finance and invoicing, then moving into a more varied role in which I felt very underutilised - I remember referring to myself as the 'odd job admin worker' because my main task appeared to be covering other offices and team members holidays. Regardless, I learnt some valuable skills and it was another 'string to my bow'. Then I had some roles in the public sector and I really felt I had found my place. I was often asked to produce reports and even generate letter/email templates because it was recognised that I had strengths in these areas. It was where my love for minute taking also stemmed from, as well as proofreading.

So anyone out there who has ever been referred to as 'just admin', know you are so much more than that and are an invaluable asset. Don't talk yourself down.


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