Talking Templates

Admin Tackled Blog Nov 15, 2021

Lets talk templates!

There are so many tasks in admin work which require the same or similar templates to be used. Whether it's in customer service and standard response e-mails, or standard interview letters, templates are essential. Why use them?


They show consistency.

This is important because if you are working in a team, it shows you are all working to the same processes and outcomes. The recipient also gets a consistent message.


They look professional.

Templates are usually created by an individual (or in a larger team a few staff members) but added and amended by other colleagues/managers. This means that typos and other errors are often picked up before they are used.


They save a lot of time.

Lets face it, admin posts are varied and busy so any useful 'shortcuts' are valuable. You can also update or re-word them rather than having to start from scratch again.


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