With approximately 18 years’ experience in various administrative roles, I have a variety of administrative skills to offer which will not only assist your business but enhance it. I have excellent time management skills, excellent communication skills whilst being a proficient and speedy typist, used to working with a multitude of software packages.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me should you feel that I could contribute to your business/project. I look forward to hearing from you.


For further details or engagement please contact me at lucyparker@testingtackled.co.uk
Alternatively you can find me on LinkedIn


Bespoke admin services. Do you find yourself struggling to take notes let alone produce a professional set of minutes? Do you read something again and again and struggle to pick up little errors in the text? Writing up notes and transcribing becoming too time consuming or finding remote meeting recordings are not getting watched again? Maybe you have lots of blog post ideas you never get time to convert into actual posts? Let us solve your problems!

  • Minute taking
  • Transcription
  • Proof Reading
  • Editing
  • Copy typing


Minute taking
Attending the meeting £30 per hour; then £7.00 per 15-minute block to type up/amend/proofread and send through to the designated recipient (to be named by the client alongside verified contact details/email address). We can also create minutes against pre-recorded remote meetings. Simply send over the recorded meeting and we will produce a set of professional minutes for your records. £25 per hour or £6 per 15 minutes.

Starting at £25 per hour or an agreed rate with the client per page (dependent on volume of work). This could be any audio recorded content, including blog post ideas.

Proofreading and editing
Starting at £25 per hour or an agreed rate with the client per page (dependent on volume of work).

Copy typing
Starting at £25 per hour or an agreed rate with the client per page (dependent on volume of work).

My background - know who you are hiring

Hello… so, a bit about me…well, my name is Lucy; late thirties, married with three young children…
When I left university back in 2004, I already had some office experience working for a haulage company in a finance and invoice department. Technology has certainly changed since those late teens/early twenties! I enjoyed the busy office environment and when my placement came to an end, and it was time for me to return to university for the final year, I was pleased to be able to say I had obtained and held down a summer job and was very much valued by the team I had been working alongside; I will not forget one member of permanent staff asking her boss ‘…what will happen when Lucy goes?’ as they had found it a great help to have an office junior around.
Early twenties saw me working at a local council on a fixed term contract, again this would be classed as an administrative assistant post and when this ended, I applied for and was successful in obtaining a permanent post about twenty miles away in Stafford. This was the HQ Business Administration post and I learnt a lot in a short space of time, covering reception in many of the branch offices, assisting in HR by making up application packs, induction packs, filing, sending out job adverts, typing up and distributing training notes and other general admin tasks which came my way. No two days were ever the same and when I was made redundant from this post after a mere 16 months, it was time to move on and find another position, however this time closer to home.
I joined a new team in 2008 at the City Council, again on a temporary fixed term contract and this was where I really got to grips with different databases, invoicing, transcription and typing up client contact logs. I was the first point of contact for housing queries both via email and on the phone and so I grew used to multi-tasking and keeping up with a fast paced, busy environment. The most satisfying job I had at the council was in the safeguarding team, where myself and a small group of administrators were responsible for attending meetings, then producing and distributing highly sensitive, confidential minutes of meetings, as well as action points and on occasion booking further meetings and arranging venues. Reports and data were also required at some of these meetings and so I ensured that everything was produced and organised prior to the meeting, ready for smooth distribution. A short stint in the Child Protection Team saw me minuting larger meetings; namely Child Protection Conferences, Fostering and Adoption Panels (which had a particularly tight turn around on the minutes) and other ad hoc panel meetings organised by the management team. These jobs showed me how much I enjoyed writing meeting minutes, the need for an organised, methodical approach and attention to detail including not just the accuracy of the contents but the need for proof reading; to identify when something needed to be clarified without simply relying on the chairperson and also identifying actions whilst writing up minutes, which I know from experience was very much valued by the chair person who was also trying to keep a handle on everything else going on in the meeting.

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